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Nicollette Sheridan in Vienna

The 45-year-old actor Nicollette Sheridan from the United States, who was born in England, is this years promiment guest on the Viennese “Opernball”. Some Austrians know her from the TV-series called “Desperate Housewives”. She was invited by Richard Lugner, who owns a shopping mall in the centre of Vienna.

The pleasure of her arrival was only brief. When she has seen the unbelievable masses of journalists and photographers infront of her hotel, she escaped, left her host, and locked herself in the hotel room.

Richard Lugner who payed a lot of money for the Vienna visit of Nicollette Sheridan was upset. “I wanted to eat a Sacher cake with her, and now I can forget that”, wailed the shopping mall owner with a very depressed facial expression.

The manager of the American actress, who also arrived in Vienna, told to the medias that Nicolette Sheridan is tired and want to relax in her hotel room.

Austrians who are not watching the TV-series “Desperate Housewives” have no idea what is going on. They don’t understand hype about an unknown 45-year-old woman from the USA. Austrian medias are full of stories about her arrival in Vienna. The actress is going to visit the Viennese Opernball tomorrow evening and leave Vienna on Friday morning again. She stays in the Grand Hotel on the K√§rntner Ring.

– link: Grand Hotel

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