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HC Strache against minister of science Johannes Hahn

Yesterday the leader of the Freedom Party Heinz Christian Strache was guest in the “Pressestunde”. Pressestunde is a traditional tv program on Sunday morning of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

Politicans who are guest in the “Pressestunde” have to answer the questions of two chosen journalists for one hour. Strache used the opportunity being live on TV to criticize the minister of science Johannes Hahn from the Peoples Party.

Some days ago Hahn told in an interview that he would rather support the Socialdemocrats than Straches Freedom Party for the communal elections in Vienna 2010. A promise which did not acquire a taste for the Freedom Party leader.

Strache designated Hahn as someone who wants to immure and cement the arrogance of the Socialdemocrats in Vienna. Heinz Christian Strache underlined several times that he wants to become the new mayor of Vienna. But without strong political partners like the Peoples Party his target is illusionary. Hahn knows that, and he enjoys to ridicule the leader of the Freedom Party.

Yesterday evening Johannes Hahn confirmed his thoughts about Heinz Christian Strache on TV. He said that Strache has no competence, a lack of sobriety, and no political culture. “Vienna would not benefit if he would be the new mayor”, confirmed Hahn.

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