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Vienna: Homosexual man wants to be tram driver or a lot of money

A homosexual man from Vienna went to court one more time, because he wants to be a tram driver or a lot of money. In April he already won the first trial against a tram operator, but all of his wishes were not fulfilled.

The homosexual Viennese was already working as tram driver, but lost his job because of an “unlawful caused invalidity”. The social welfare court confirmed that this dismissal was not right.

There are rumours that homosexual tram drivers are not desirable in Vienna. The victim also claims that his colleagues were not polite to him. “I was bullied and humiliated because of my sexual orientation”, he said to medias.

Now he wants at least a financial compensation. It seems he won’t be able anymore to work as tram driver. The 38-year-old man wants to have 200.000 Euro from the tram operator. This is just the beginning. His lawyer already prepares a third lawsuit. It should be possible to get more money from the tram operator. The homosexual also demands pain and suffering money for his mental agonies during work.

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  1. Patrick J Helten

    Ya,if it is here in Canada,they would Kiss his ass and give him 1 million CAD$1,000,000.00

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