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European Union not allowed to support atomic energy?

The new vice chairman and top candidate for the European election of the green party in Austria, Ulrike Lunacek, explains that the approval of the European parliaments majority to the report of the European energy strategy is a bad sign.

She confirms her will that the European Union is not allowed to support atomic energy, and claims that there is no absolutely no reliance by Socialdemocrats and conservative politicans in that issue. Lunacek dreams about more research in the European energy policy.

“Secure nuclear energy is a fairy tale”, says the bustling politican of the Greens, and leaves no doubt that she has a very serious problem with such kind of energy production.

She points out that the nuclear power experience a nasty renaissance in these days, and reveals the connection with the pretence of the climate protection. Lunacek is quite sure that the future belongs to the kind of energy production which does not need uranium and produce atomic waste. “Renewable energy is our key to success”, she confirms.

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