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Gmunden: “crazy birds” beat up 26-year-old student

In the night from Saturday to Sunday a 26-year-old student from Linz was badly injured in a fight with a couple of young people in Upper Austrias famous spa resort of Gmunden.

Reason of the fight was an inconsiderate comment to the group of the young guys. The student told them, that they would look like “crazy birds”. The solid answer for such a comment was painful.

The victim suffered heavy bruising and a rip of the collateral ligament in his knee.

The hero of the night was the 27-year-old girlfriend of the student. She was able to protect her lover from more injuries and put those “crazy birds” to rout. Later some of them were caught by the police. They were also involved in another fight during that night in Gmunden.

– link: Gmunden

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