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Dancing members of student league disgust Greens

The Green party and the organisation called “Alternative Students GRAS)” are not happy about the ball of the “Viennese Corporation Association” which takes place today. A demonstration through Viennas city centre should call attention to this event.

The police fears riots and excesses. The Hofburg, which will be the venue of the ball, is going to be cordoned off from 5:00pm. Austrian medias report about “protests against the ball of the student league.”

It seems there is a quite poisoned relationship between the Greens and the student league of Vienna. The website of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” writes about anonymous threats in the internet against two organizers of todays demonstration.

In this message they were called “spoilt snot brats” who should “get a rap on their knuckles.” Police and organizers expect 500 participants on the demonstration. Last year it came to riots between police, demonstrators, and visitors of the event.

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