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Carinthias new minister president made a joke about Africans

The new minister president of Carinthia and follower of Jörg Haider, Gerhard Dörfler, made a joke about Africans during a press conference. As nobody was laughing, Dörfler said that maybe he told the joke not good enough, because nobody was able to understand its payoff.

Reason of the joke was the official welcoming of the artist “Roberto Blanco”. A crooner with very dark skin.

Now all political parties, expect the Freedom Party, distance themselfes from Carinthias new minister president. The party whip of the Carinthian Peoples Party declared that making jokes about Africans is an escapade, and unworthy for a minister president.

Carinthias Socialdemocratic boss Reinhart Rohr said that Dörflers mentality is bovine and unappetising. The Greens think that the joke was a disgrace. All of those critics promised to stop the support for Gerhard Dörfler.

The minister president confirmed that he has told a “negro joke” in a “merry circle”. “It was just a joke. Not a vilification”, he said to Austrias news agency APA.

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