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2.500 Euro bonus for car scrapping in Austria

Austrias new government wants to animate the car commerce, and plans a bonus between 1.000 and 2.500 Euro for every car scrapping. Glorious times for car scrap dealers in Austria. They could become immeasurably rich.

Experts of the car industry are not that convinced about such an idea. The president of the Munich Ifo institute says that such plan is just perverted. He thinks that such a bonus makes up inducements to destroy economical values.

But the president of Austrias Federal Economic Chamber thinks different. “This is a great idea to support the car industry, and also an important contribution for the conservation of the environment”, he says.

Greenpeace is not able to agree in such thoughts. The environmental protection organisation don’t think the project has positive effects on the climate change. “We should invest the money better in other things”, says Greenpeace energy expert Jurrien Westerhof.

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  1. ThomasT

    Greenpeace should get up to fate on Climate-Gate, and stopl telling lies about global warming. We have a mini ice age coming, according to the Met office, for the next 30 years, and that, is not WARMING!!!!!

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