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Slave woman rescued after 40 years from farm in Styria

A 55-year-old slave woman was rescued from a farm in Austrias federal state of  Styria. She had to work there since she was 15 years without salary, enough to eat, and social life.

According to an anonymous report to the police, public authorities uncovered the inhuman crime and rescued the oppressed and traumatized victim from her slave owner.

The woman was forced to work the whole week from Monday to Sunday, had only short breaks, and received not even one cent. She was not even allowed to watch television, had to bear indignities and violence, and almost forgot how to speak.

Her only food was bread, butter, and some old and hard jam with tea. “Even the animals on the farm had a better life”, was the comment of her nurse, who was very shocked about the bad condition of her new patient. The nurse confirmed that she is not able to speak one complete sentence.

The accused countrywoman don’t want to talk to medias. According to the latest report of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation she is hiding in her farm. Experts say that she has to pay 40 years of unpaid work now.

The 55-year-old victim has already new plans. She wants to beautify the garden of her new foster family.

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