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Austrias National Council president Martin Graf under fire

The discussions about Austrias third National Council president does not end. Already since a couple of weeks politicans of Greens, Socialdemocrats and the Peoples Party show their dissatisfaction about him and two of his employees.

Some days ago an official declaration of Martin Graf against the Nationalsocialism seemed to end the discussions. But yesterday Barbara Prammer of the Socialdemocrats noticed that Graf has a problem with “constantly increasing reproaches”. Prammer thinks it would be necessary that Graf removes two certain members out of his team.

They are blamed that they have ordered political incorrect items in a German right wing online shop. Graf, who is a member of the Freedom Party, labeled the massive critics from his political opponents as “agitation against humans”.

Lower Austrias minister president Erwin Pröll said that the Austrian National Council should judge if someone has something to do with the politics of the Nationalsocialism. If that’s true, a “certain distance” is necessary.

Viennas Socialdemocratic mayor Michael Häupl thinks that someone who has an “unclarified relationship to the Nationalsocialism”, is not acceptable as a partner. Häupl: “I think Graf has a clarified relationship to this topic”. The president of Austrias Jewish religious community declared in the Wednesday issue of Austrias daily newspaper “Die Presse” that the whole story about Martin Graf is unsavoury and a disgrace.

Martin Graf said that this discussion is finished for him.

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