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Orange Party BZÖ promise 1.000 EUR for every teenager

Since the last election, persons who reached their 16th year of age are allowed to vote in Austria. So now it’s also time for them to receive election gifts from politicans.

Soon there is a new election in Carinthia, and the Orange Party called “BZÖ” makes the beginning, and promise a 1.000 EUR transaction to the bank account of every teenager between 16 and 18 years who is living in Austrias Southern province.

The generous election gift should take 6 million Euro for one year. “More independence and self-reliance for young people” is the slogan for the campaign of the Orange Party. Every teenager between 16 and 18 years should receive the money. “It does not matter if the parents of the presentee are millionaires or living on the breadline”, confirms the chairman of the Orange Party Uwe Scheuch.

Orange Party vs Green Party. The Greens are not very happy about such news. The federal spokesman is talking about a “clumsy try to buy votes”. Also the youth spokesman of the Peoples Party reacts with dismissal. “Our teenagers do not need charity. They need cheap apartments and apprenticeship openings”, she says.

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