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Freedom Party fears violence of the Greens in parliament

Uproar and consternation in the Austrian parliament about the Green party. A Green member of the parliament has confirmed the serious accusations of the Freedom Party that he has a radical left-wing employee in his team.

Vilimsky from the Freedom Party explains that this man had a leading position in the terrorist newspaper “TATBlatt” which existed until 2005. “This kind of newspaper was the speaking tube for radical left-wing assassins and political terrorists”, claims the Freedom Party man.

Vilimsky is talking about a “scandal of the special class”, and demands a written declaration for non-use of force from the Green politican and his friend.

Now everbody looks anxious on the reaction of the female presiding officer of the Austrian parliament Barbara Prammer. She has to decide if the situation is dangerous or not, and if both Green members should be subpoenaed and sign a paper that they won’t practice any violence in the parliament.

Also the parliamentary Freedom party member Herbert Kickl is not happy about the controversial politican of the Greens. Kickl accused him that he has created a “private spying brigade” in the parliament.

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