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Russian atomic submarines in Lake Wörthersee?

A ban on building for mosques and minarets in Carinthia was decided in the Carinthian state parliament yesterday with votes of the Future Alliance Austria (BZÖ), Freedom and Peoples Party. Socialdemocrats and Greens voted against the decision without success.

Uwe Scheuch of the Future Alliance explained: “A mosque is a building with extraordinary architecture and dimension. There is a difference between such a building and our traditional buildings. This would alienate our customized view of a place.”

Carinthias state constitution confirmed that this decision is not against basic and human rights. The religious freedom is not limited or even in danger.

Socialdemocrats voted against the decision and proved a delightful sense of humor in their defeat. The Socialdemocratic chairman of Carinthia called Mr. Herwig Seiser declared that this new law is similar useful like a ban on Russian atomic submarines in Carinthias Lake Wörthersee.

Seiser thinks that this discussion about mosques and minarets is just a diversionary tactic to ignore the real problems of Carinthia: the poverty of the Carinthians.

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