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Increase of charges in Vienna does not stop

The increase of charges and rents in Vienna does not stop. Viennas mayor Michael Häupl (Socialdemocrats) declared a new increase for the next year.

Already in the past years, the citizens of Vienna had to suffer under an unbelievable price rise. But it seems there is still no end in sight. Viennas mayor explained in a press conference, that the capital of Austria needs more money desperately.

The opposition is talking about an “impertinence”.

The charges for canal and rubbish are going to rise up to 5,59 percent. Rents for the council housing increase up to 5,69 percent. “Rip off” and “social treason” were the statements of the opposition leaders.

Viennas Peoples Party chairman Matthias Tschirf accused the Socialdemocrats of wasting money. He confirmed that there would be enough money available, if the Socialdemocratic government would act a bit more economical.

Even the Greens are not happy about the Socialdemocratic decision to increase rents and charges. One politican of the green party claimed that he knows people who are not able to buy winter shoes, because of the horrible price rise. He also characterized Viennas mayor being far from reality.

Viennas Socialdemocrats might not be very impressed about such critics. In spite of their many unpopular decisions, their popularity among Viennas citizens is unbroken. Their tremendous success  in Viennas elections is the evidence.

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