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Feldkirch celebrates new public toilets

The little town of Feldkirch in the federal state Vorarlberg has a good reason to celebrate. 10 pubs and restaurants open their toilets also for none-guests.

This should improve the friendly reputation of the town.

The initiators have stolen Barack Obamas successful election campaign slogan “Yes, we can!” and turned it into “Yes, you can! “Yes, you can!”, is written now on Feldkirchs new public toilets. Yes, you can visit all those toilets for free.

All pubs and restaurant of Feldkirch with “Yes, you can” stickers on their toilet doors are located in the old town. “Feldkirch should be a toilet friendly destination for our visitors”, explains the marketing specialist of this campaign.

The campaign also wants to prevent unceremonious men who are doing their business in the streets of Feldkirchs city centre. Yes, you can … visit the toilet. Don’t do it on the street. Indeed this kind of town has a glorious future.

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