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Unhappy kangaroo in Austria

An unhappy kangaroo has to live in Burgenlands famous health resort of Bad Tatzmannsdorf. A citizen of the town keeps the animal as his pet.

Probably the kanagaroo wants back to Australia? Austria could be the wrong place for such an extraordinary living thing. The poor female already tried several times to escape out of her enclosure, but the owner was always able to catch her again, and bring her back to his place.

Her escape attempt of last Wednesday seems to be crowned with success. The kangaroo is still on the run, and could not be found until now. Temptations shopuld bring the animal back. The owner promised a kangaroo man for the fleeing kangaroo girl.

He is also optimistic for an early return. Kangaroos dislike Austrias cold temperatures during winter time, and also the search for food in the wild is a problem. Austria is not Australia.

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