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500 days imprisonment for single mother because of illegal parking?

A single young mother from Graz is threatened by a 500 days imprisonment, because she is not able to pay her fine for illegal parking. Yesterday was the official start of her time in prison, but the police doctor has postponed the accession of her improsonment to the 7th January.

Now she has some more time to bring medical reports that she is not in the condition to go to prison. The young mother has collected 123 mulcts for illegal parking since 2004, which have a value of 24.000 Euro.

The authorities demand a monthly payment of the debt in 800 Euro rates. Too much for the young single mother. ” Unfortunately, I can’t produce the money for it just like that”, was her statement. Her monthly income amounts 1.100 Euro.

As the municipal authorities declared the uncollectibility of the sum, a prison term is necessary to delete her blame.

But the woman confirms her innocence. Her former boyfriend was a passionate illegal parker, and she has not received one single letter about the illegal parking. The young mother claims that she is the victim in this case, not the committer.

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