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Shopping in Austria

There are absolutely no signs of a financial crisis during the Christmas sales in Austria. Austrians in all federal provinces come rushing into their shopping centers.

Even yesterday, an official holiday, Austrias shopping centers were characterized by masses of consumers, full parking spaces, and screaming children. The commerce is able to celebrate record sales.

A reason for everybody to be happy? No way! The Austrian church is very angry and upset about such a shopping madness. A bishop from Linz worries about a increasing risk of illness for employees of the concerned shops.

The church also demands to decrease the opening hours. “6 hours shopping are enough”, thinks one representative of the Austrian Catholics. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn regretted that the “religious celebration was sacrificed on the altar of the business”.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber is not very impressed about such critics. It’s confirmed that businessmen are very satisfied about the current earnings from the Christmas sales, is their statement.

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