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High official from interior ministry stole hard disk

A very bizarre story is reported by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. A high official from interior ministry stole a computer hard disk in an electronic market, and started a rude rumble with the store detective.

The 39-year-old official screamed to the detective who saw his theft : “Don’t you know who I am?” Then he started to strike at him. Some minutes later the aggressive man was arrested by the police.

At first the piratically official did not had to fear any consequences. He was allowed to stay in his leading position in the interior ministry. Only when medias started to report about this unbelievale incident, Austrias interior minister Maria Fekter felt obliged to do something.

The high official lost his leading position, but can stay in the interior ministry in another position.

The defendant denies the theft. He told to journalists he was only “lost in thought” and forgot his wallet. The interior ministry explains its late acting, because of necessary juristic examinations before a decision.

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