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Viennese Socialdemocrats against Santa Claus

No sense of humour or no sympathy for Christmas characters? The chairman of the Socialdemocrats from Vienna, threw someone from the Peoples Party out of an extraordinary meeting of the municipal council, because he was dressed like Santa Claus.

He was screaming that this day is not the day of Santa Claus. The “Peoples Party Santa Claus” wanted to support the idea to allow Santa Claus visits in Viennese kindergartens. Socialdemocrats showed no understanding for such a demand.

The background of the conflict: Socialdemocrats are ruling Vienna, and do not allow Santa Claus visits in kindergartens. The Peoples Party wants to preserve the popular Christmas tradition, but their influence in the city government is too low. Socialdemocrats are a very powerful factor in the Viennese politics.

A mandatary of the Socialdemocrats declares that trying to launch such a tradition is “perfidious”. The Greens agree, and with votes of Socialdemocrats and Greens the petition of the Peoples Party was declined.

The Peoples Party commented the defeat that such aversion against Santa Claus is the wrong signal for Vienna. Socialdemocrats should show more bravery. There is no reason to fear the famous Christmas character, which is popular around the world.

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