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Lower Austrian pupils enjoy to trash their teachers

lower austrian pupilsA new study of violence in Lower Austrian schools led to an interesting result. Already every 10th teacher of Lower Austria was trashed by his pupils in the school. And the violence is still increasing.

What is the reason of such an outbreak of violence against teachers? Does pupils have too much energy? Or is it the outdated learning style which makes those young people so much angry?

A smart psychologist thinks to know the answer. The reason for the violence is located in the families of the pupils. Lower Austrian parents are known as quite silent. Silence makes children aggressive. If parents would be more talkactive in their family life, the children wouldn’t beat their teachers

The teachers of Lower Austria have to live in fear. They could become a helpless victim in school anytime. Some of the pupils have good boxing skills. “This can hurt”, says an insider.

Additionally teachers are quite helpless in such situations. If they struggle and fight back, they are going to lose their job. They are even not allowed to touch the teenage aggressors. They only thing they can do is to hope that the pupil does not hit too hard.

Many teachers in Lower Austria are afraid to go to work. They become depressive and mentally sick. Now politicans should find a solution against the indefensible conditions. A professional security service, social workers, and psychologists in school classes during the lessons should help to solve the problem.

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