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Fivefold axe murderer: “My life in prison is enjoyable”

my life in prisonYesterday started the trial against the fivefold axe murder, who wiped out his whole family. The 39-year-old man from Vienna can expect to stay in prison for the next 20 years.

The murderer himself demanded a life imprisonment. He told that he did not expect to have “such a nice life in prison”. His wife, daughter, parents and father-in-law had to die because the defendant lost all his money on the stock exchange market.

He killed them with several axe hits on their heads. His daughter was only seven years old. She has seen the murder on her mother, tried to escape, and hid in a cupboard. Her father had no mercy. She was found and also killed by more than 13 axe hits on her head.

In the trial the murderer told he has killed all those people because he wanted “the best for them”. “Death is a perfect status”, explained the murderer. “It’s the same status before you are born”, he said.

The 39-year-old told that nobody is able to punish him. He wants to have a life imprisonment, and said he is very surprised that life in prison is that enjoyable.

A jail sentence of 20 years is possible. The judgement should be declared today.

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