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Josef Fritzl incarcerated also his mother

josef fritzlNew details in the incest drama of Amstetten reports the Austrian magazine “NEWS”. According to a NEWS journalist, the daughter of Josef Fritzl and their children, were not the only ones who were locked up in the Fritzl family.

Also the mother of Josef Fritzl became a victim of her own son. She was locked in a room of the first floor, and her windows were blocked up. She had to live without daylight, and died as a broken woman in 1980.

Josef Fritzl wanted revenge. His mother was not polite to him when he was a child. The expert report confirms the new allegations, claims the magazine.

New details also in the incest relationship with his daughter. He has never seen his victim as daughter. His daughter was always like a partner or a wife for him, is written in the NEWS magazine.

The public prosecutor of St. Pölten did not comment the new details in the case.

News also from the victim and daughter of Josef Fritzl Elisabeth. She bought a house in Linz, the provincial capital of Upper Austria. According to an articel of, the house has a lot of windows and is full of light. The exact location of her new residence is top secret.

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  1. Tasia

    Why am I not suprised.

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