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Viennese tram driver screamed “Sieg Heil!”

viennese tram driverA 35-year-old tram driver from Vienna lost his job, because he was screaming the Nationalsocialistic slogan “Sieg Heil” through the inter phone during his cruise. One of the passagengers made a video and put it in the video network “YouTube”.

The majority of the passangers were quite amused about it, and answered the political incorrect campaign slogan with cheering and laughing. The video shows many drunken teenagers with beer cans.

One of the guests, an older man, was not happy about it. He showed his disgust in a very emotional way, and reported the tram driver to the police.

The first consequences already followed. The tram driver lost his job, and the public prosecutor confirmed that the 35-year-old Viennese could go to prison for 10 years.

Wiener Linien, the operator of all tramways in Vienna, was very shocked and concerned about the incident. The 35-year-old was a very calm and peaceful man. His clanger was not foreseeable, confirmed the spokesman of Wiener Linien.

The video is still available here:

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Ein Kommentar zu “Viennese tram driver screamed “Sieg Heil!””

  1. Nicole

    He got what he deserved. Nothing can excuse that bad behavior. He is a disgust ….

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