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Josef Fritzl in his expert report: “I was born to rape”

josef fritzlInteresting news about Josef Fritzl in Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”. The first expert report was released. Accoring to the results, Josef Fritzl was legally sane during the whole time, but suffers under a heavy personality disorder.

Fritzls childhood was not easy. His life started with a lot indignities. He was an “alibi birth”. His mother wanted to prove that she is not infertile. The extraordinary problematic relationship to his mother led to an “emotional disability”.

According to the expert report, Fritzl has something of a vulcano. Behind his banal surface blazes a very malicious vein. He is a disrupted human and not able to control himself. Fritzl said to the expert witness that he was quite calm for someone, who was born to rape.

The danger of repetition is extremely high. It seems he also lost his sense of reality. He believes he can continue the love affair with his daughter after the imprisonment.

4 Kommentare zu “Josef Fritzl in his expert report: “I was born to rape””

  1. saraah googlinbergen

    i kinda feel bad but gee wiz thats kinda disgusting

  2. saraah googlinbergen

    i feel kinda bad for this guy but gee wiz thats a little creepy

  3. Liz

    This sadist father is creepy and deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life. He is not a human and he deserves to be called an animal. Even animals are better than him protecting their young with their lives. There is nothing much to judge except sentence him to life in prision with hard labour to let him taste back his own medicine. My sympathies for Elizabeth and her children and pray that they will live a happy life again.

  4. marcia

    I do not feel sorry for this man he is as evil as they come he took 24 yrs from his daughter and more yrs from the other kids . And he killed a incent little baby. Because of his lustful ways. He treated his own daughter like like she was nothing just a thing he get his nutz off on .And that makes me sick that any one could do that to another human but your own kid . God gives us childeren to protect them and teach them about God . That man should be tourchered and treated the way he treated her . And then put to DEATH.

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