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No respect for zebra crossings in Austria

zebra crossings1.343 pedestrians were killed in the last 10 years in the Austrian road traffic. Every 7th of them met with an accident on a zebra crossing, reports the board of trustees for security in road traffic in Austria.

Only every second car driver stops infront of a zebra crossing, if someone wants to cross the street. This is a disastrous result of good behaviour in the road traffic of Austria.

Basically a higher speed of the car, reduces the motivation of the car driver to stop infront of a zebra crossing. By higher speeds than 30 km/h the results of stopping is even worser. It seems to be like a suicide, if the pedestrian is adamant about his primacy on the zebra crossing in most of the situations.

Especially between October and January, the danger of an accident on a zebra crossing is very high. The dark season causes many victims. The board of trustees for security in road traffic in Austria demands new rules to decrease the accidents, and a change of name for the term “zebra crossings”. “Zebra crossing sounds too cosy and veils the bloody truth of Austrias streets. We need a new name which visualise the deadly danger of this facility”, says one of their spokesmen.

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2 Kommentare zu “No respect for zebra crossings in Austria”

  1. Alec

    Why simply don’t write: “Trotz Verbot – Nicht Tot !” on the opposite wall ?

  2. R Goulden

    Failing to stop at Zebra crossings is not the only example of terrible driving commonplace in Austria. My wife and I have lived here for 4 years and when we first arrived we couldn’t believe the daily examples of dangerous driving that we encountered. The most common situation is where a driver simply comes straight out of a minor road in front of you and you have to swerve or brake severely to avoid collision. The other common situation is the driver turning across in front of you to get to a parking place or down a minor road. They simply don’t look or they assume that you can and will avoid them. They won’t WAIT either. I have even been run off a dedicated bike road, when on my bike, by a car driver. On that occasion, when I remonstrated with the driver she said that I was cycling dangerously and that I should look where I was going. Car Insurance here in Austria is typically FIVE times or more, than that of the UK. Now I know why.

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