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Jörg Haider is dead!

jörg haider is deadThe famous and controversial Austrian politican Jörg Haider died this morning in a car accident in the south of his provincial capital Klagenfurt. Haider leaves a wife and two daughters behind.

Party fellows and his former political rivals reacted with sorrow and confusion. Deputies of all political parties in the parliament expressed their condolences. Haider has brought the Freedom Party from 4 percent in 1986 to almost 30 percent in 1999, and changed Austrias political landscape enourmos.

Haider was also Carinthias minister president and party leader of his new created party “BZÖ”. Members of the BZÖ were talking that “the sun fell from the sky in Carinithia” and “Armageddon”.

10 Kommentare zu “Jörg Haider is dead!”

  1. Denis

    We will remeber you

  2. Auslaender

    As you sow so shall you reap

  3. Auslaender

    On my previous commment i want to add some facts. Those are as follows-
    Haider achieved notoriety for past remarks that sounded sympathetic to the Nazis and contemptuous of Jews, a visit with Saddam Hussein on the eve of the Iraq war and a friendship with Moammar Gadhafi when Libya was still an international pariah.

    He praised a member of Hitler’s notorious Waffen SS convicted of eradicating the population of an Italy village as someone “who (only) did his duty.” He lauded Nazis as creating “a good policy of employment.” He condemned the “laziness of the Southerners” — meaning immigrants south of Austria, describing their countries as “the place of criminality and corruption.”

    And in a mocking reference to the first name of Vienna’s Jewish leader, which is also that of a popular detergent, Haider said: “I don’t understand how someone called Ariel can have so much dirt on his hands.”

  4. Auslaender

    Haider was born Jan. 26, 1950, in the Upper Austrian town of Bad Goisern to parents who were enthusiastic Nazi party members. His father, a shoemaker, was forced after the war to unearth mass graves dug by the SS, while his mother, a teacher, was prohibited from working in her profession for several years.

  5. Joey

    Politicians very often think they are above all laws, they can violate the law. Unfortunatelly (for them) they cannot beat the natural laws. And please tell me, what kind of leader could be such a person who is able to drive 140kmph in place where is 70 changing to 50 (border of the city or village)? His only mitigating circumstance is that he didn’t take anybody with him. R.I.P.

  6. dylan

    What goes around , comes around.

    Those that advocate violent policies are more prone to receive them too.

  7. Danny, UK

    Shame on you Austria, we dont want to have to come back there and sort out the Nazi seed growing in your country again! Please take a look at your society where you find nazi salutes, 26year kidnappings, urinating from windows etc. The world is a much bigger place and you have to accept the multitude of societies before you become a relic of the 20th century!

  8. Michael

    Leider verstehe ich, dass so viele Britische Leute den Tod des Jorg Haider betrauern nicht konnen. Manchmal, – ja, zu oft, lese ich das Word, “nazi”, stehende in Verbinding mit seinem Nahme. Haider war kein Nazi, sondern Patriot. Er hatte viel Mut, als er die britische Schlamperei und Heuchelei herausvorderte.

    Warum sollen wir “the multitude of societies” annehmen?! Nein, es gibt keine Verpflichtung, um grenzlose Einwanderung zu annehmen!


  9. Auslaender

    I m so sorry to say Michael,nobody understands u here. If u wanna say something just write it in English.

  10. Joey

    Well, last news says that Haider was also drunk driving. Every death is tragedy but in this case we can celebrate that the one and only victim is reckles driver.


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