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Che Guevara sculpture in Vienna

che guevaraYesterday Socialdemocrats celebrated the unveiling of the controversial Che Guevara sculpture in the Viennese Donaupark. This sculpture is the first monument for the Argentinian revolutioner and mass murderer in Europe.

Viennas Socialdemocratic mayor Michael Häupl told in his speech, this sculpture is a democratic bequest to Che Guevara, that Vienna is going to lauch all possible efforts against poverty. Socialdemocrat and former politican Charles Blecha said that the human has more value as the money of the richest man in the world.

The main reason for the sculpture was the 80th birthday of Che Guevara. A committee full of celebrities collected donations to realize the dream of a monument dedicated to their hero.

The sculpture is 70 centimetre high, took 28.000 Euro, and was made by the sculptress Gerda Fassel.

Che Guevara was born in Argentina. He was one of the main characters of the Cuban revolution. Critical observers of the history claim that he has shot many people who did not agree in his beliefs.

The members of Freedom Party and Peoples Party are one of those critical observers. Freedom Party local council Toni Madhalik shows himself “confused” about the sculpture. “Our mayor honours a violent criminal and mass murderer”, he said. Peoples Party federal manager Norbert Walter labelled the sculpture as “curious” and “distasteful”. He recommended Viennas mayor to sleep in Che Guevara bedclothes, instead of supporting such kind of monuments.

Ein Kommentar zu “Che Guevara sculpture in Vienna”

  1. Eric Price

    It is not suprising that a freemason slaughtered social democrats in Norway. Although I cannot condone what he did, I must stress that the social democarts are a danger to humanity with their view of the world. They are a neo-communist party pretending to be democrats but endagering Europe for the sake of vote catching.

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