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Jörg Haider locks up criminal asylum seekers in Carinthia

austria newsAfter his surprising success in Austrias last general election, Jörg Haider seems to be very motivated to continue his strict asylum politics in the federal state of Carinthia. The leader of Austrias Southern province wants to lock up criminal asylum seekers in a “special institution” on the top of a mountain.

Haiders political competitors react with consternation and disgust. Especially Socialdemocrats and Greens are not happy about such kind of asylum politics at all. They were talking about associations with the politics of the Nazis.

The “special institution” is located on the alpine pasture called “Saualm” and offers space for 50 people. The building is a former youth centre above 1.200 metre sea level, and now surrounded by a professional security service.

The first personens already arrived. Three come from Georgia, one from Kazakhstan, and another one from Gambia. All persons were accused of several criminal abuses like grievous bodily harm, grand larceny, and drug dealing.

Haider confirms that his new idea should improve the security in his federal state. “The population must be protected from criminal elements”, he says.

Not only politicial competitors are unhappy with the new situation for criminal asylum seekers in Carinthia. Also the “Carinthian committee for humanity and tolerance” has criticized the new “special institution” on the alpine pasture. “This is not good for the integration of our asylum seekers”, was their first comment.

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