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Election result in Austria with surprises

election result in austria with surprisesYesterdays election evening brought some surprises, and changed the political scenery totally. The two big parties Socialdemocrats (-5,63 percent) and Peoples Party (-8,72 percent) lost massive, and made their worst result since the end of the last world war.

The two winners are the Freedom Party of Heinz Christian Strache (+6,97 percent) and Haiders BZÖ (+6,87 percent). Even the Greens lost 1,26 percent, and Liberals dissapointed by just 1,91 percent.

The big losers of today agreed that their coalition of altercation and idleness was the main reason for the disastrous performance. Now they promised to change their way of doing politics.

Socialdemocrats wants to have a coalition with the Peoples Party again. Chairman and prime candidate Werner Faymann confirmed also after the election that he is not interested to make a coalition with one of the two election winners BZÖ and FPÖ. Peoples Party can imagine a coalition with those parties, but also thinks about a walk into opposition.

Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache was quite upset that Socialdemocrats election loser Werner Faymann still continue his fatal politics of exclusion, even after such a electoral collapse. Straches comment to Werner Faymann: “This man is arrogant.”

The final result of yesterday:
1st Socialdemocrats … 29,71% (-5,63%)
2nd Peoples Party … 25,61% (-8,72%)
3rd Freedom Party … 18,01% (+6,97%)
4th Haider Party BZÖ … 10,98% (+6,87%)
5th Greens … 9,79% (-1,26%)
6th Liberals … 1,91% (+1,91%)
7th Bobsleigh Rider Fritz … 1,77% (+1,77%)

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  1. king


    I dont see no surprises in the results…..

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