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Franz Fischler wants genetically manipulated plants in Austria

wayFritz Dinkhauser, who runs for a post for the national council, is concerned about the latest statements of former EU commissar Franz Fischler. Fischler who is now the boss of the personal committee for Peoples Party prime candidate Wilhelm Molterer, wants to see open gates for genetically manipulated plants in Austria.

Dinkhauser thinks that genetic engineering combines are planning to overflow Austria with genetically manipulated food, and the Peoples Party is the helping hand for their dangerous plans.

There was also an article in Austrias biggest newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” with the title: “Free passage for genetic engineering in Austria.” This means that genetically manipulated plants should find their way on the fields in Austria.

It seems that the Peoples Party has broken its promise to fight against genetic engineering, and save Austria from such kind of threat, says Leo Steinbichler, who is a member of the Fritz Dinkhauser party, but also considers that maybe there is a chaos in the Peoples Party and the “right hand” has no idea what the “left hand” is doing.

“But as the Peoples Party keeps silent about such kind of serious accusations, it seems to be quite true”, confirms Steinbichler.

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