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Viennas arthouse cinemas with insecure existence

arthouse cinemaDeep sorrow about the future of Viennas arthouse cinemas. The business competition to the big cinemas is quite tough. Only subsidies by tax money can guarantee the survival of such small cinamas, which decline to show cheap hollywood movies.

Arthouse cinemas delight cinemagoers who are fed up with boring hollywood movies. Also an Austrian film industry wouldn’t be possible without arthouse cinemas. The importance of such kind of cinemas, for the good movie apart from the mainstream, is undisputable.

Poor number of attendees, high movie rent, business competition to big cinemas, and illegal downloads in the internet makes the life of arthouse cinemas quite difficult.

Two arthouse cinemas from Vienna, “Schikaneder” and “Breitenseer Lichtspiele” already were in great danger. In the last moment it was possible to save their existence and create a movie program for the autumn. Schikaneder arhouse cinema received a support of 35.000 Euro. Also the “Votikkino” and the “Filmcasino Wien” can celebrate the receipt of a 35.000 Euro support.

But another problem is already in sight. Now also big cinemas start to show the traditonal movies of the arhouse cinemas. Life isn’t becoming easier for the small cinemas of Vienna.

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