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Natascha Kampusch trial with loads of violence

natascha kampusch trialYesterday the trial about the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch found its proceeding in the Styrian town of Gleisdorf. A guy called “Martin Wabl” claims that the mother of Natascha Kampusch was involved in the kidnapping.

He wanted to present his means of evidence. The mother of Natascha Kampusch, Brigitta Sirny, is not happy about such accusations, and want to stop the bustling inquires of Wartin Wabl.

The trial was overshadowed by a boxing match in the court room between the father of Natascha Kampusch and the former friend of kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil, who was there as a witness. The riots between the two men lasted only a short time. Then the trial could carry on again.

The former friend of the kidnapper arrived with sunglasses and a bag infront of his face. He told the lawyer that he has never seen a girl in the house of Wolfgang Priklopil. The first timer when he has met Natascha Kampusch was in May or June 2006. This was during a party event.

When he finished his testimony and wanted to leave the court room, he was attacked by the father of Natascha Kampusch. He received punches and started to scream “Help! Help! Police! He is going to smack me up!” Kampuschs father was able to calm down and left him alone. Now the witness with sunglasses was able to leave the court room. Before he walked out of the door, he turned around and scream: “Impertinence!”

The father of Natascha Kampusch later declared that he is sure this guy has something to do with the kidnapping of his daughter. “If he has a clean conscience he does not need sunglasses and a bag infront of his face”, he said.

But the violence on this trial day was not over. On his way out of the building, the witness who was attacked by the father of Natascha Kampusch, started to fight with a photographer of a local newspaper and damaged his camera.

A former neighbour of kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil told that he has seen Natascha Kampusch many times before she was able to escape from her kidnapper. But he did not wanted to confirm his statement in court.

A police officer burdened the mother of Natascha Kampusch. “She was never interested in our inquires. This was quite strage for a mother whos daughter is missing”, he said. The police officers also told that the father of Natascha Kampusch was very interested about the latest results of the inquieries. This was a total contradiction to the mothers behaviour, he explained.

The mother of Natascha Kampusch declined to answer the questions of the lawyer.

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Ein Kommentar zu “Natascha Kampusch trial with loads of violence”

  1. Joe Nills

    Why would Priklopil kidnapp Natascha if having sex with her was not the reason ? The story so far is that he either did not have sex with her or he waited 4 years until she was 14 years old. This just doesn’t ‘hold water’.
    There has to be a plausable reason to do this crime and the Mother link seems to be the most plausable to date.

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