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Brothel next to primary school in Lower Austria

brothelSodom and Gomorrah in the little Lower Austrian village of St. Veit/Gölsen. A brothel has opened in the centre of the village, directly next to a primary school.

The conditions in the village are incredible. Prostitutes are dancing naked in the street in broad daylight. 10-year-old pupils becoming interested and asking their worried parents about the meaning of prostitution.
Now anxious citizens of the villages started to collect signatures for the shutdown of the cesspool of iniquity.

The operator of the brothel tries to calm things down. He claims that his dancing prostitutes are dressed in bikinis, at least they wear panties, and the little pupils “won’t see more as they see in a public outdoor swimming pool during summer time”.

120 parents and residents are part of the project to stop the prostitutes and their operator, but the chances for success to shutdown the brothel are meagrely. The relevant public authority claims that the Austrian law allows brothels next to primary schools, and the law must be respected.

Indeed the law is quite oversubtle in this case. It does not allow brothels next to primary schools, if the brothel is loacted in open field on the countryside, and not in the centre of a village. As the affected brothel is a part of the village centre, the operator is allowed to follow his business that way.

At least a compromise seems to be in sight. The operator promised that his girls are going to hide their skin in future. It’s not known if the parents and residents can accept such kind of solution.

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