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Urination through window and Hitler salute in Salzburg

scenesPoignant scenes happened yesterday at lunchtime in the Salzburg city district of Maxglan. Two men urinated through a window from their flat on the street, and showed the Hitler salute.

They could not stop their outrageous behaviour and even abused policemen, who were called by worried neighbours. Words like “police pigs” and “fucking cops” were included in the incredible insult.

The two men also refused to identify themselfes. This was enough for the patient policemen. They were arrested and brought to the next police station.

When the policemen were able to identify the two men, they were released back into freedom again. But the two men have to expect a couple of criminal procedures: violation of civility, disturbance of the public policy, and offence against the nationalsocialistic react.

2 Kommentare zu “Urination through window and Hitler salute in Salzburg”

  1. Katze-Gesicht

    Hooray for Austrian People!!

  2. jackie young

    The people who urinated of the hitler salute very well done ,if I had been there I would have assisted them .Jackie

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