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Wiener Neustadt receives new football ground

wiener neustadt football groundThe 40.000 inhabitant town of Wiener Neustadt in the south of Vienna, receives a new football ground with a capacity for 10.000 visitors.

It is Frank Stronach, a man from Styria who escaped to Canada in his early years to become a millionair, who has a vision to create a new football ground in Wr. Neustadt, and make the town to one of Austrias leading football clubs.

At the moment his club “FC Magna Wiener Neustadt” is playing in Austrias second league called “Adeg Liga”, and has ambitions to make the way up to Austrias Premiere League next year.

Stronach already bought a piece of land with 240.000 square metres.

The mayor of Wiener Neustadt is quite excited about such plans and can’t hide his exhilaration. “The dimension of this project is not apperceptible”, he told to the press. Maybe he is already dreaming about the Champions League in his little town with clubs like Manchester United or Real Madrid.

But not all inhabitants of Wiener Neustadt are happy about such plans. “They are just searching for a new way to fritter away our tax money”, says one angry citizens.

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