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Policewoman raped by policeman in Graz?

austriaSuch kind of accusation is quite tough. A policewoman from Graz claims that she was raped by a colleague.

The 23-year-old policewoman told that she was raped by a 41-year-old policeman during a patrol in the police car.

The police headquarters of Graz and the federal police headquaters of Styria decided to believe the victim and suspended the culprit from office.

Tomorrow an independent senate should verify if the suspension was correct or not. The presumption of innocence is valid.

12 Kommentare zu “Policewoman raped by policeman in Graz?”

  1. Nadja007

    She could used her knowledge for self-defense or her gun to fight the policeman that said raped her. I believe police officers has undergone trainings for self-defense.

  2. simon

    I hope his is rotten in jail

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    It is just as fierce in today’s time, everything happens.

  6. bea

    Das ist schrecklich, was ist draus eigentlich geworden?

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    What a tough world

  8. More For Info

    The world today everywhere is dangerous place

  9. Extenze

    she should have defended herself .

  10. Laptop Recycling

    Dont they carry weapons to defend themselves?

  11. Computer Recycling and Disposal

    given both individuals recived the same trianing the argument that she should have defended herself seems somewhat moot.

  12. Fussbaelle

    It’s like in every other company: You cannot trust everyone. A police department is no exception.

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