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Straches concern about quail eggs and other disputes

stracheYesterdays live discussion on TV between the two politicans HC Strache and Alexander van der Bellen had some amusing moments.

It came out that the chairman of the Freedom Party HC Strache worries about the taxation of quail eggs and elk cheese from Sweden.

Strache believes that a decrease of the VAT tax should not be valid for quail eggs and elk cheese. Van der Bellen called such kind of thoughts to discharge the citizens “ridiculous”.

HC Strache and Alexander van der Bellen are chairmans of parties which could not be more different. They have contrary views in almost all possible things.

Also the dispute about immigrants and foreign religions occupied most of the time in the discussion. Strache wants to support the Serbian minority in Austria. Van der Bellen was laughing at Strache because he is afraid of muslims and mosques.

Van der Bellen negated the accusation of Strache that he and his party wants to open the gates for more than 6 billions of aliens from around the world. Strache also told that van der Bellens idea of an inner city toll is marxist.

Shakespeare stage play shocks Austrians

A certain Shakespeare stage play at the Viennese Burgtheater makes the blood of the Austrians run cold. The Shakespeare stage play called “Die Rosenkriege” (the Wars of the Roses) causes pure horror in Austria. Now the police and the youth welfare office has imposed an adult only for this kind of stage play. Theatre experts, […]

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