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68-year-old man from Styria tried to kill cave explorers

mountain topHate and anger about cave explorers was the motivation for an attempted murder by a 68-year old man from the North Styrian town of Liezen.

The 68-year-old environmentalist wanted to protect “his mountain” from explorers and adventurers, he told the police after his detention.

He put up a stone trap on a sea level of 2.600 metres, close to the certain cave. The stones were stacked up and connected with a rope. If someone would use the rope, he would be killed by the fallen stones.

It was not the first time that the angry 68-year-old man displayed behavioural problems in this case. He also made telephon terror against police and the potholers, and there is also a suspicion that he has scratched two cars of the cave explorers.

At the moment the suspect is sitting in the prison of Leoben. The evidence is overwhelming.

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