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Alexander van der Bellen vs Jörg Haider

alexander van der bellenYesterday evening the TV confrontation between Greens boss Alexander van der Bellen, and the leader of the BZÖ Jörg Haider took place.

Austrian medias designated the meeting as a “duel between fire and water”. The differences between both persons could not be bigger.

Also personal offences were part of the discussion, which was moderated by one of Austrias most popular women on TV, Ingrid Turnher.

Haider called van der Bellen an “old whistle blower”, and van der Bellen hit back calling his opponent someone who is doing a way of politics which is related to cucumbers. Doing something which is related to cucumbers, is a popular idiom in Austria to express a negative opinion about someone else.

The clash between both politicans was brought live on TV. The issues which took most of the time were immigration, criminal asylum seekers, judgements of the Constitutional Court, Haiders politics as a Minister President of Carinthia, and a big issue was also the future of energy production without oil and gas.

At the end Haider showed himself conciliable and told that he can imagine a government cooperation of his party with the Greens. Alexander van der Bellen could not accept such amicable offer. A coalition with Haiders BZÖ is the last thing in his life he wants to think about, he said.

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  1. jackie young

    Well done Alexander van der Bellen keep it up .Jackie

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