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Heide Schmidt: no working market economy in Austria

heide schmidtThe prime candidate of the Austrian Liberals, Heide Schmidt, criticises the situation of the food market in Austria, and her political opponents.

Heide Schmidt claims that Social Minister Buchinger (Socialdemocrats) tries to throw grains of sand in the eyes of the Austrians.

The liberal politican explained that high food prices are not made by inadequate control mechanisms of the economy minister. She says that high food prices are the results of a high concentration on the food market in Austria.

Schmidt thinks that the competitive policy of the last government was a disaster, and the competitve authorities in Austria can be desribed as “agomphious”.

“If 80 percent of the Austrian food market is in the hands of big multicorporate enterprises, it’s not possible to talk about a working market economy aymore”, she confirms her allegations.

Heide Schmidt demands one more time a tightening of the competition and the cartel law. She also wants to have an extensive fiscal reform, and more money for those people who decided not to work.

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