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Knife man thrashed by resolute woman in Lower Austria

knife manA female shop assistant of a tobacconists a newspapers shop was attacked by a man with a knife in the Lower Austrian town of Bad Vöslau.

The knife man was hooded with a bonnet over his whole head. He shouted desperately for money and played with his knife infront of the womans face.

But the woman was not very impressed about such kind of performance. Instead of the money, the wannabe criminal received a clangorous slap in the face.

As the surprised man thought he won’t receive any money from such kind of woman, he started to take all the lottery tickets from the sales desk and escaped out of the door.

His misfortune that he was not able to run faster as the woman behind the sales desk. She took up the chase and trashed him one more time. This time a bit harder. He has no chance against the angry and resolute woman. The criminal lost his knife and also even his bonnet and his t-shirt.

With naked upper body and a lot of scratches and bruises in his face, he was finally able to escape. The woman renounced a new pursuit and called the police.

The police was not able to find the robber, who also lost all his captured lottery tickets on his succeeded and final escape.

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