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Election campaign in Austria 2008

election campaign in austriaThe election campaign for the National Council in Austria in in full swing.

Since a couple of days many different election posters enrich the scenery of Austrias towns and villages. in cooperation with wants to take a closer look, and presents all the election posters of the political parties for this years election.

As a quick summary, a short overview of all parties and their messages to its voters.

The Socialdemocrats think there were enough of quarrels in the last government. They promise improvement. Their prime candidate Werner Faymann touts with three words: social, resolute and reliable.

The Peoples Party wants to punish child abusers and reduce the taxes. Straches Freedom Party presents itself a as a party for the Austrians. They promise social security only for Austrians, and claim that their political opponents are against them, because they are for the Austrians.

Alexander van der Bellen, who is the prime candidate of the Greens, clarifies in his campaign that he is not an agitator.

BZÖ leader Jörg Haider wants “Austria only for Austrians”, and let his voters know that there is a lot of work to do. His former political partner Heide Schmidt, who is now in Austrias Liberal party “Liberales Forum – LIF”, wants to receive some votes with honesty, fairness and frankness.

All election posters can be seen at

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