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Peoples Party Hannes Missethon acts as prophet

moneyThe general secretary of the Peoples Party Hannes Missethon, loves it to act as a prophet in the Austrian politics.

Missethon prophesies a deep grab into the wallet of Austrias citizens, if the new government is going to be a coalition between Socialdemocrats and the Greens.

The eloquent politican claims that such kind of government is going to induct new taxes such as property tax and death duty.

Missethon uncoveres the frightening plans of Greens boss Alexander van der Bellen. “Van der Bellen wants to capture more than one billion Euro with new taxes and charges, if he will be a part of the new government”, says the general secretary of the Peoples Party.

He confirms that such kind of coalition in the government also plans to attack home-builders, bank book owners, and young families who wants to build their own homes, with ruthless tax increases.

Missethon points out that only his party stands for honest and purposeful discharge.

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