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Austrias most popular names for babies

austriaLena and Lukas were the most popular names in Austria last year.

1.055 times “Lukas” was chosen to be the name of the newborn boy (3,1 percent), and 843 (2,6 percent) newborn girls received “Lena” as their name.

Lukas is the most popular name for boys since 1996. For Lena it’s only the second time being the most popular name of the year in Austria.

Lena is followed by names like Leonie, Anna and Sarah. Julia, which is also one of Austrias most popular names since a long time, took the fifth place this year.

Other popular names for girls in Austria are also Hannah, Laura, Katharina, Sophie and Lisa.

Popular names for boys this year behind Lukas are following: Tobias, David, Julian, Florian, Maximilian, Fabian, Alexander, Felix (first time in top 10), and Simon.

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  1. david

    seits ihr plem plem david ist der beliebteste name wie dum

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