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Heide Schmidt: Liberals demand abolition of universal conscription

parliament austria austrianSince Heide Schmidt returned into politics to support the Liberals (Liberales Forum – LIF) for the next election again, the party fuels speculations to be able to reach the needful votes for returning back into the parliament.

Medias are full of stories and reports about the former like-minded woman of Jörg Haider, who totally changed her mind, caused a break away with a new party, and started a personal fight against Haider and his political ideas.

Now, with Heide Schmidt, it seems to be much more easier for the Liberals to get the attention of the Austrian media scene.

This is the right moment for new campaign issues and promises. Yesterday the spokesman of the Liberals, Alexander Zach, presented the prime candidate for the federal state of Burgenland, who should also be the spokesman for military issues.

The right man for such a position should be the 37-year-old David Loidolt. He used the chance of promotion to demand an abolition of universal conscription in Austria.

Loidolt believes that a military service for everybody is not suitable anymore in our times. Austria should have a cheap and professional army, confirms Loidolt.

The Liberal politican also wants to stop the border controls of the Austrian army against illegal immigration. “They are doing the job, which the police has to do”, explains Loidolt.

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