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AUSTRIA SHOP <-- ... Austria Shop ... --> AUSTRIA FORUM weird news in German language has a new cooperation with the Austrian website called “”. provides weird news from Austria and the rest of the world in German language.

This funny website exists since December 2007. After a break this years spring and summer, the website is back now to provide the latest news in weird things.

At the moment offers 77 articles from different topics. If you are able to understand the German language, you should take some time and visit this website.

Maybe you are going to have a good laugh. Or to say it in “Austrian German”: “Vielleicht pecken Sie sich ordentlich ab!”

– link: Sowas

Austria thinks about “mushroom police”

The arduous discussion about mushrooms in Austrias forests does not end. Land and forests owner demand a new police unit who should protect the mushrooms in their forests. In future they also want to sell licenses to people who want to enter a forest in Austria. Austrias tourism manager are quite upset about such plans. […]

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