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Wir Party: Austria has a new political party

austriaA new election in autumn brings out a new political movement.

The new party calls itself “Wir”, which simply means “We” in English, and promise a new concept for the politics in Austria.

“Wir” stands for improvment in the education system, and sanitary and financial security for old people. “Wir” wants to fight against empty promises, the strong contrast between rich and poor, overfelling and overfishing, as well as the waste of energy.

The new party criticize the other parties that they are not interested to work and to search for a joint solutions.

“Wir” also stands for otherness and innovation, and wants to have a 180 degree turnaround in Austrian politics.

The members are still searching for 2.600 statements of support, to receive the permission taking part in the next election.

From their first press release, it seems they hope to find their voters in passionate Greens who are retired. Sanitary and financial security for old people and saving the nature, seems to be their most important campaign issues.

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