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Werner Faymann new chairman of Socialdemocrats

werner faymann wernerThe party conference of the Socialdemocrats last weekend in Linz was a big success for Werner Faymann.

Faymann was elected by more than 98 percent of the 574 delegates for the new party chairman. Tax reliefs and combating high prices are his campaign issues for the next election in autumn.

The new chairman is 48-year-old and a true Socialdemocrat since his childhood. He was the only candidate for this position, so the magnificent victory was not a very big surprise.

Faymann is also still Austrias transport minister, and the new candidate of the Socialdemocrats for the chancellorship.

In his powerful speech he told that he is a politican “with nooks and edges”, and a strong Socialdemocrat. He confirmed that Austria must have a fair and equal society.

Once again he promised not make a cooperation with the Freedom Party. The party members were excited about that, and celebrated him with standing ovations.

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