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Jörg Haider is back!

jörg haider is backSome people might be really shocked about it.

The man who leaded Austria into the sanctions of the European Union, because of his decision to take part in the government, returns and wants to be elected for the Austrian parliament again.

Jörg Haider is back in Austrias federal politics. He is going to be the prime candidate of his BZÖ (Alliance and Future for Austria) in the coming election.

Now the severe controversial politican is searching for a new “team for Austria”, while he is a guest at the Bayreuth Festival.

His favourite “team members” would be the former Freedom Party politican and lawyer Ewald Stadler, and former audit court president Franz Fiedler.

Fiedler was quite surprised about such offer, and did not know if he should be “happy or sad about it”. He wants to have a clarifying talk with Haider first, before he is going to make a decision.

Stadler don’t wanted to say anything about it. Austrian medias write that he disappeared. Haider claims that Ewald Stadler is a good friend of him.

There are also the first “Haider victims”. BZÖ general secretary Gerald Grosz was removed from his position of the campaigning manager, and Herbert Scheibner who expected to be the prime candidate of Vienna, found himself on the 62th place of the party list.

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